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Power relations and temporary work in academia

Faximily of the top of a poster about the panel. All photos/illustrations in this text are by the organizers.

I was recently invited to participate in a panel organized on the occasion of a visit by some researchers from UC Berkeley. I naturally made some notes in advance and as usual, I will post them here, a bit cleaned up (I did not have time to say all this during the debate).

“It’s not like it’s popular science we are doing”

Faximily from SEFI 2022 proceedings.

Looking at some research data with a colleague, I was inspired into doing a small side-project on popular science and it's possible role in science education. I will post the abstract, and links to the paper below.


Interview with Transform! Italia

Click on the faximilie to go to the Transform! Italia website (in italian)

The growth of Rødt (The Red Party) in the latest Norwegian general election has not gone unnoticed internationally. I was recently interviewed by the Italian left magazine Transform! Italia about the party, its strategy of growth and the political situation. As the interview is published in italian, I will present the english version below.

Gramsci and Lenin

As I have briefly touched upon previously there has been some disagreement on the ideological relationship between Lenin and Gramsci. I believe this mainly has two reasons.

Citizen Engineer: From Building to Bildung

I rarely, but sometimes publish things related to my work on this blog. Let this be one of those occasions.

Last year I did a small research project a bit on the side on the motivation of engineering students and how that can be used to promote Bildung oriented education. The results were presented at a couple of conferences. One presentation was at NTNUs Webinar festival, where the presentation has been put up on Youtube, embedded below:

A sad day in the fight against antisemitism

The suspension of Jeremy Corbyn from the Labour party is undermining the fight against antisemitism.

The discussion around antisemitisme in the UK Labour party has been long, but to sum it up in the following conclusion should be relatively uncontroversial:

Lewin's equation - expanded

A physicists reading of an equation in social psychology.

I recently came across a discussion about Lewin's equation. In short it is an equation [1] within social psychology used to describe people's behaviour,

B = f(P, E) (1)

where B is a person's behavior, P is the person and E is the environment.

Bildung, intellectuals and experts

Originally posted on The Gramsci Blog: https://thegramsciblog.wordpress.com/2018/05/03/bildung-intellectuals-an...

Gramsci is known for the quote “everybody is an intellectual”. By this he naturally does not imply that everybody has the role in society as an intellectual, but simply that there are some subjects about which everybody has an opinion.